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Most of us live in a world of buildings;  they are all around us and a part of the landscape.  It is important to us therefore that they should, as far as possible, be attractive to look at, well designed and suitable for their purpose.  To be surrounded by ugly monstrosities can be very depressing and can affect our quality of life.  Many buildings will also carry memories for us; a school, place of work or a church where we were married, for example.   Some are of historic interest or add character or beauty to their area.


For these reasons buildings may have an importance beyond their practical use, or if no longer required for the purpose for which they were originally constructed.


Newcastle-under-Lyme Civic  Society does its best to highlight buildings which it believes are of significant merit to be worthy of preservation for the enjoyment and education of future generations, and lobbies to protect them if they become under threat from development.  We are not always successful, sometimes practical considerations overrule sentiment, but in many cases we are listened to.


In addition to this, we have  also inaugurated a scheme by which, in active co-operation with Newcastle Borough Council, we make bi-annual awards to encourage and reward examples of good design and workmanship for new developments, both commercial and residential, and tasteful refurbishment of older properties.  If you know of any such construction, completed during the last two years, which you feel should be considered for such an award, please let us know.