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Our President, Jim Worgan, in his capacity as a resident of the Borough, has been offered and accepted the position of Macebearer at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, during the term of office of the present Mayor, until May 2017.


There are two Macebearers whose principal duties are :

1)  To proceed the Mayor from the Civic Offices on formal occasions including the Mayor’s Civic Church Service and the annual Remembrance Day Parade and Church Service and

2)  From the Mayor’s Parlour to the Council Chamber for 6 full meetings of the Borough Council.


The mace is the symbol of the Sovereign. It is always carried before the Mayor with the crown uppermost except if the Sovereign is present, then the crown is reversed. It is the symbol of Royal Authority delegated to the Mayor and is thus redundant in the presence of the Sovereign.