The Civic Awards Scheme, aimed to encourage quality in design and workmanship in  new building, refurbishment of old buildings and landscaping in the Borough, was revived in 2009 after a lapse of many years.   It is awarded jointly by the Newcastle Civic Society and Borough Council every two years.


Newcastle-under-Lyme Mayor, Sandra Hambleton, presenting the Winner’s Plaque to Martin Bostock, Head of Education and Facilities, NuL College and a certificate to the architect Mike Giblin of Ellis Williams, Architects of Preston Brook.

In 2015 a winner’s  Plaque was awarded to the Performing Arts Centre of Newcastle-under-Lyme College, and Certificates of Commendation were awarded to Doddlespool Farm,   Betley and the new Marks and Spencer  store in the Wolstanton Retail Park.

Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme College (Plaque Winner)


Doddlespool Farm, Betley  (Certificate of Commendation)


Marks and Spencer, Wolstanton Retail Park  (Certificate of Commendation)