We are please to report that the restoration of the decorative ironwork at 28 High Street has been successfully completed. This prominent landmark building overlooks Red Lion Square and the War Memorial in the town centre. It has changed little over the past hundred years and was, for many years, Wain’s Chemists.Set 1 - 54

Parts of the decorative ironwork over the fascia had been lost and the remaining panels were covered in many layers of paint.


We contacted Calibre Metalwork Ltd in Stockport who came and removed the remaining panels. They expertly stripped them back to the metal revealing the original fine, detailed castings which they used to make new panels to replace the missing ones.


The quality and craftsmanship of their work is outstanding. Throughout the project Calibre Metalwork Ltd. kept us informed of progress and liaised closely with our roofing contractors. We would have no hesitation in recommending Calibre Metalwork Ltd. (www.calibremetalwork.co.uk) to anyone considering similar work.

Calibre picture

We contracted Steve Emery Roofing Ltd. of Newcastle-under-Lyme to make waterproof the roof area whilst this work was undertaken and to repair/replace the leadwork.  As is often the case, inspection revealed some quite extensive areas of rotten woodwork which also needed to be replaced. Although the job became more complicated than we originally thought, Steve Emery Roofing Ltd. completed the work to a very high standard.

Fortunately both our contractors worked well together and although the job took rather longer than anticipated we are delighted with the end results as are the building’s owners who made a substantial contribution towards the costs of the project.