As part of the annual Civic Day 2012 celebrations Civic Voice organised a national “civic pride survey”.

This survey is known as Civicwatch.

Civicwatch is the civic movement’s annual contribution to finding out how proud we all of our towns, villages and cities. The results from Civicwatch are used locally by each civic group and by Civic Voice to capture the “civic state of the nation”. It is a “civic snapshot” of the country on a particular day.

Hopefully Civicwatch will give us a greater insight into how people feel about their towns and villages then any survey that has gone before.


Our members “manning” The Civic Society stall at the market on Saturday 23rd June asked forty four members of the public the following questions as part of the Civicwatch survey. Seven Society members also responded.






Don’t Know

Question 1.

Are you proud of where you live ?




Question 2.

Do you feel part of your local   community ?




Question 3.

Do you feel as though your voice is   listened to ?





In addition to the Civicwatch questions our members also asked……….


What do you like most about Newcastle-under-Lyme ?

What do you most dislike about Newcastle-under-Lyme ?

How do you think Newcastle-under-Lyme could be improved ?



The responses received are summarised below :



What do you like most about Newcastle-under-Lyme ?

Public   response –

  •   It is a market town
  •   The market (although considered to be deteriorating)
  •   Friendly people
  •   Compact centre
  •   Old buildings
  •   The town’s remaining history
  •   Parks/gardens/roundabouts
  •   Beautiful surrounding countryside

Members   response –

  •   Historic market town
  •   Surrounding countryside
  •   Floral displays
  •   Access to countryside and major towns and cities


What do you most dislike about Newcastle-under-Lyme ?

Public   response –

  •   Uninteresting modern buildings
  •   Demolition of old buildings (esp.Municipal Hall)
  •   Too many empty shops
  •   Too many charity shops
  •   No big store
  •   Decline in range of shops and character of town
  •   Deterioration of the market
  •   No go area at night time
  •   Drunks in Grosvenor Gardens
  •   Pigeons – nuisance
  •   Thought of possible link to Stoke
  •   Threat to open green spaces
  •   Lack of respect for environment – uncared for
  •   Litter

Members   response –

  •   Threat of amalgamation with Stoke
  •   Loss of cattle market
  •   Too many vacant shops
  •   Too few quality shops
  •   Litter



How do you think Newcastle-under-Lyme could be improved ?

Public   response –

  •   Covered bus station
  •   Cheaper / free parking
  •   More small (quality) shops
  •   People to be more  responsible   for the state of the town
  •   More live music / arts
  •   Decision-makers to listen to the ”people”
  •   Make town cleaner
  •   Department store
  •   Cheaper rents
  •   Subsidised units for community use
  •   Fewer charity shops
  •   University information centre
  •   Retain old buildings
  •   Fewer pubs/nightclubs
  •   Indoor market

Members   response –

  •   Make town centre safer in evenings
  •   Enforce pedestrian areas (cyclists/mobility scooters)
  •   Cheaper / free parking
  •   More small quality shops
  •   Make market stalls more attractive