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Jim was the son of a local pharmacist and spent all his life in Newcastle apart from the time he spent serving his country during WWII.

On his return he became a well – known local character and ran a photographic and music centre shop originally next to his brother Roger’s pharmacy in the town centre.

Jim had a deep interest and care for his home town and watched its development keenly, sometimes seeming to spend more time in the Civic Offices than did those who worked there.

He was a determined, tenacious campaigner – a wonderful ally but a fearsome opponent !

Jim was a founder member of Civic Society and was, for some years, its Honorary Secretary. He championed many local causes the most recent being the Listing of Lancaster Buildings.

He was so highly regarded he was made an Honorary Member of the Society, one of only three in the Society’s history.

He was also, for many years, a member of Newcastle Rotary club taking particular interest in the activities of its Community Service committee.

He was kind hearted and generous and seemed to have an endless supply of sweets and cakes which he distributed freely.

Jim will be greatly missed by all his friends and colleagues in the Society.