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Contributed by John Sutton

We are due to make further Civic Awards again this year. The object of the scheme is to encourage high quality of design and workmanship throughout the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme. The scheme is operated in conjunction with the Borough Council and is probably the project which identifies most closely with the objects of the Society as laid down at its inauguration in 1968.

 These Awards, which are to be made every two years, were revived in 2009 after a lapse of many years and are designed to enhance the appearance of the area in which we live. Although instigated by the Civic Society, the Awards are run in equal partnership with the Borough Council with whom we enjoyed, and I use the word advisedly, excellent co-operation during the 2009 scheme. It sometimes seems that we are opposing them on planning matters and it was a real pleasure to be working with them to a common end and for the benefit of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Awards will be considered for the following categories:-

A)    New Buildings – (i) Residential (ii) Commercial and other.

B)    Conservation/Refurbishment of existing buildings – (i) Residential (ii) Commercial and other.

C)    Landscaping and Development of land

Awards will be made for category A and B work completed between 1st January 2009 and 31st December 2010 and for landscaping and development of land work completed between 1st January 2007 to 31st December 2010.

Anyone may nominate a project for consideration for an Award, but all nominations must be submitted not later than 1st August 2011 and must be on the official Forms.

Nomination Forms and Guidance Notes may be downloaded from the Civic Society website http://www.newcastleunderlymecivicsociety.wordpress.com , the Borough Council website http://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk or may be obtained from 10 Kingsway East, Newcastle ST5 3PZ.

Look around you and see if you can find some project worthy of nomination.