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Continuing Denis Duffy’s explanation of common architectural terms.


Dado – In modern architecture, the finishing of the lower part of an interior wall from floor to waist height.

Dormer Window – A window placed vertically in a sloping roof with a roof of its own. The name derives from the fact that it usually serves as sleeping quarters.

Eaves – The under part of a sloping roof overhanging the wall.

Electicism – Manneristic selection from the stylistic elements of a bygone age.  Free use of elements of various styles even within a single building.

Elevation – One of the five main ways that architects draw buildings to show what they will look like when finished.  An elevation is an accurate drawing of one of the faces of a building, straight on, usually from the outside.  The other key drawing disciplines are the PLAN, the SECTION (a vertical slice through the interior), the PERSPECTIVE (which gives a reasonable approximation of how people see things) and the GEOMETRIC PROJECTION ( which is more of a working tool).