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Contributed by Dr Angela Drakakis-Smith


Whilst the local list might be being drawn up as this is being written (hopefully), it will be too late to save one of the historical toll road stone bridge parapet walls along the A525 at Thistleberry.  Although the demolition took place two years ago, the metal barrier erected to replace it, remains, despite petitions and protests by residents to remove it. Whilst the locally elected representatives and NBC officers give the impression that the matter is closed,  it most assuredly is not.  The Chair of Thistleberry Residents Association and members of the Executive Committee met in April with representatives of the County Council to discuss a more positive way forward.  The RA has now received  new plans drawn up by the County Council, which range from the sublime (a perfect replica of the demolished wall) to the ridiculous (an “imitation” wall or planting .in front of/behind the metal crash barrier). The TRA has responded giving their chosen option.  Whilst compromises have been made residents are adamant that the replacement wall should be of real stone, of the same dimensions as the demolished wall, and be of the same materials and appearance as the wall opposite so that it matches (or will do eventually) the remaining wall opposite – as per the Inspector’s approved Plan.  We wait with bated breath!  The matter remains with the Ombudsman.