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The Society was founded in 1968 to help preserve what was good in our Borough.

Its first success was saving the façade of the Castle Hotel.  Since then it has been instrumental in guiding the development of the Lyme Valley, fighting the proposal to build an East-West road which would have destroyed a large area, helped in the Saving of Maer and Hanchurch Hills and brought about the restoration to her proper place of the Queen Victoria statue amongst many other projects.

Membership is open to all and costs £7. 

 This will entitle you to:-

Attend any or all of our monthly meetings.

Receive a copy of the minutes of all these meetings.

Receive a copy of our quarterly magazine.

For an extra £1 you can buy an attractive enamel badge bearing the Society’s logo. Wear it with pride to let everyone know that you are concerned about the wellbeing of your town and rural area.

Contact us at nulcivicsociety@yahoo.co.uk