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Contributed by Dr Angela Drakakis-Smith


Some time ago a questionnaire was circulated by the Newcastle Borough Council  asking residents to select any structures they thought worthy of being included in a local list which were not exalted enough to be listed by English Heritage but which could be preserved.  The deadline for this was the 30 April. However, although we have not heard why, this deadline has now been extended (no further date given).  Individuals and groups can  nominate a structure of their choice  either on the printed form available from Libraries or the Guildhall or on line.  Do it now!  Some recommendations have been the NBC offices in Merrial Street, the stone bridge parapet wall on the A525 (half of which has already been demolished during the course of development), the Zoar Cottages and the remnant wall of the old workhouse in Thistleberry.  There should be lots more in your neighbourhood.  Go out and have a look.  There might even be buildings/ structures in the town which you think need saving for posterity – eg the warehouse in Market Lane – which we think we have saved from dereliction just by drawing attention to it!