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Contributed by Ron Redgewell


Civic Voice was launched on Saturday 17th April.  This registered charity has been formed in part to replace the ‘folding’ last year,  of the ‘Civic Trust.  This  was set up in 1957, by the Conservative Minister Duncan Sandys, to protect the country’s built heritage following the wholesale demolitions that were sanctioned after the end of WW2.  More than 150 Civic Societies from across the country have joined the CV, including our Society, and between us we have over 30,000 members. The following are the Mission and Vision statements of Civic Voice:-


“Civic Voice works to make the places where everyone lives more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. We speak up for Civic Societies and local communities across England. We promote civic pride. We are the national charity for the civic movement and have a strong local presence. We know how people feel about places because we feel the same way. Civic Voice believes everyone has the right to live in some place of which they can be proud.”


“Our vision for 2015 is for a civic movement with a strong local presence and an influential national voice. We shall be active on the national, city and local stage, working in partnership across the UK. Civic Societies will perform at their  best and the civic movement will reach more places and benefit more people from all walks of life. Our reputation and authority will make us the first port of call for anyone seeking to develop, conserve or interpret the quality, beauty and character of our towns, cities and villages or to engage people in shaping their future. We will be a source of civic pride and people will know us for our independence of thought, challenging perspective and positive outlook. We shall listen, advise, support and act on behalf of communities everywhere. Communities everywhere will know they have a voice and a champion for the place where they live.”  


CV has already started activities in conjunction with local Societies. The campaigns underway include:-

Love Local, Street Pride, High Speed Rail 2, and History of the Civic Movement.  Details of these campaigns are available on the CV’s  new website at http://www.civicvoice.org.uk/campaigns. Where, for example, everyone is being invited to become involved in the Love Local campaign by saying what they love about where they live and why. Come on and get involved and raise the profile of your Borough.

 Has this renewed venture stuck a chord with you?

Then why not campaign rather than complain.