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Contributed by Jim Worgan


 As I indicated in the last magazine, by the time this one is published the Society will have a new Chairman. It is interesting to note the dictionary definition of a Chairman as A person chosen to preside over a meeting”. I urge the Society to retain this title because the dictionary definition of a Chair is “A separate seat for one person usually having a back and 4 legs”. So far no one has sat on me.

The Society was founded in 1968 and it is interesting to note that of the current 60 or so members, 10 have forth years continuous membership to the present day, 9 of whom are founder members.

The Society became a founder member, in 2010, of Civic Voice a registered charity  formed in part to replace the Civic Trust which went into administration in 2009. We continue to go from strength to strength and it is hoped that by holding the May, June and July meetings at 6.30pm at the Orme Centre it will encourage new, younger members.

I will continue to represent the Society on the various outside committees I attend and I would like to express my appreciation to all officers and members for the excellent support they have given me during my time as chairman.

I leave you with these thoughts of G.K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936) from the Shakespeare Memorial

Lord Lilac thought it rather rotten

That Shakespeare should be quite forgotten

And therefore got on a Committee

With several chaps out of the city