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Contributed by Mr Ron Redgewell



f you own or are a tenant of a Listed Property you may already know that it not always a fairytale dream. Ownership is beset by responsibilities, legislation, regulation, and financial anxieties. Even some simple maintenance can result in the need for professional advice.

Help could be at hand through the Listed Properties Owner’s Club. Established 15 years ago, it is Britain’s only advice service dedicated to helping the owners of listed buildings. From practical information on consent, unauthorized work, and insurance, to guidance on grants and experts to replace windows or exterminate woodworm. Of particular concern is insurance, does the current policy provider know that the property is Listed? The costs of any reinstatement may not be fully covered.

 The Society’s representatives on the Borough’s Conservation Advisory Working Group, have tales to tell of owners who have undertaken unapproved property modifications, only to have to do the work all over again in the correct manner at additional expense. 

 It helps to avoid these difficulties if owners, or indeed tenants, arranged to consult the Borough’s Conservation Officer if any work is contemplated. Then the Owner’s Club would be the next point of advice for assistance with suppliers and contractors.

 Interested?  The Owners Club can be contacted at Tel:01795 844 939 and more information can be seen at www.lpoc.co.uk.

Still interested?  Then there is The Listed Property Show being held at Olympia 2 London, W14 8UX, Saturday/Sunday, 20-21 February 2010, 10am-4pm.