By John Sutton


 This is the first issue of our second year of production.  Our efforts during the previous year have met with some praise and some criticism, which is probably as it should be.  A little praise is encouraging and a little criticism helps us to give you what you want.  On the whole we hope that you have found the Newsletter of interest and feel that it serves a purpose. The more observant amongst you may have noticed that we have now, on the suggestion of one of our editors, changed the name from NEWSLETTER to MAGAZINE to give us a wider scope.

There have been suggestions that some articles have been too political.  I should stress again that they represent the views of the writer personally and do not represent the attitude of the Society itself, which is most definitely not politically motivated.  My feeling as editor was that although some articles implied criticism, possibly justified, of the establishment, they were not strictly speaking political.  However, it is a point that we shall watch more carefully in future..

As said previously, the views expressed in any article in this newsletter are those of the individual author and do not necessarily represent the views or policy of the Newcastle Civic Society.

Much of the Society’s time is spent examining planning applications and looking at plans of new and altered buildings.  It is quite useful therefore to have some basic idea of common architectural terms.  President Denis Duffy has agreed to explain some of these.  You will find them here and there in this and future issues.

Diana Bevan has unearthed some interesting facts from a 1793 Directory.  You are invited to write to the editor with your collection of interesting facts about Newcastle, including the rural area.


Some things we have done in the past:-

  • In conjunction with a local Round Table, some twenty small plaques were placed on heritage properties around the Town Centre
  • We took an active part in campaign to save Maer Hills and Hanchurch Hills from mineral extraction
  • We carried out a detailed survey of Betley suggesting possible improvements to the Conservation Area and prepared a list of buildings to be protected.
  • Relocated Queen Victoria from obscurity  in Church Walks to her rightful place in the Queen’s Gardens as our Millennium project.
  • Last year one of our members made a singular effort in arranging for a number of churches to be open in conjunction with the Civic Trust/English Heritage Open Days scheme. It was so successful that more have joined in this year.