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Extracts from an article by Jim Worgan



It is interesting to note that Newcastle-under-Lyme never featured in the Doomsday Book, commissioned by William the Conqueror.  The production of this work was rushed and brought to the king in an unfinished state before the end of 1086.  Work on this early collection of data ceased after the death of William in 1087 and it was never completed.

In an article entitled Medieval Newcastle-under-Lyme – A Hidden Doomsday Borough (Staffordshire Studies Vol. III 1990 – 1991 pages 1-21, Robin Studd states that in 1086 the territory occupied from the middle of the 12th  century by the town of Newcastle-under-Lyme lay within the manor of Trentham.  It appears that there is a double entry for Trentham representing two separate locations, one of which is almost certainly Newcastle.

[The author wishes to thank Robin Studd for his permission to quote from the above named article.  Any other comments are those of the author.]