Contributed by Supt. Andy Franks, North Staffs. Division  –   30 June 2009

Newcastle Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU) borders Stoke-on-Trent and covers from Clayton and the Westlands in the south through to Keele and Silverdale in the west. Further north it stretches from Chesterton to Bradwell and Porthill. 
These areas contain residential developments of all ages as well as village shopping centres, a retail park and considerable industrial development. The NPU is also home to the campus of Keele University.
At the NPU’s heart is Newcastle town centre, a traditional and vibrant ‘market town’ centre which is equally busy in the evening because of its wide variety of entertainment in the form of pubs, clubs, restaurants and a multi-screen cinema complex. 
Local police work very closely with colleagues from the local authority, Newcastle Borough Council.
Staffordshire Police’s mission is to put the citizen at the heart of all that we do so that we can inspire the greatest levels of trust and confidence amongst the communities we serve.
Our local policing plan is based on what you, the public, tell us matters the most.
Our aim is to understand your needs so that we deliver a service that meets and satisfies what you want. Community consultation and engagement are central to policing your neighbourhoods. Street meetings, police surgeries and public surveys tell us about the issues that you want us to deal with most.
Anti-social behaviour is high on the agenda and we continue to maximise opportunities with our partners to problem solve. We keep you informed about
what we are doing about these issues through feedback at meetings, neighbourhood newsletters and making sure we get back to you.
 We want Newcastle Borough to remain a safe place to live and work, we want to keep crime down and get it down even further. This means focusing on the most serious violent crime, serious acquisitive crime and business-related crime.
We work hard to keep people safe by protecting them from harm. This means reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and solving more incidents of serious violence and acquisitive crime.
Our plan is underpinned by the force’s core values of:
• fairness, equality and integrity
• caring, encouraging and respecting others
• respecting the dignity of each person we deal with
• professional competence and willingness to learn
• recognising and celebrating success
• using our resources effectively.
Our ‘frontline first’ approach has ensured that we are maximising the number of resources, police officers and police staff, available to the front line. We are constantly looking to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and encourage all our staff to exercise greater professional judgement and discretion. The time we free up by doing this, is used to deliver a quality service, based on the needs of our diverse communities.