Contributed by Jim Worgan


The Society goes into its 41st year with renewed hope and optimism, and discussions are currently taking place with Andrew Dobraszczyc for a talk at the Medical Institute and Town Walks similar to those last year, as reported in the Winter  Newsletter.  This can only “do good” in bringing the Society yet again to the notice of the general public.  We cannot be seen to be standing still.
Although we have over 60 members, nevertheless it is vital that we attract more new, perhaps younger members. None of us are getting any younger.  This matter will be addressed at the A.G.M. to be held on 8th May, when it will also be necessary to appoint a new President due to the untimely death of our incumbent President and founder member, David Horne.
We welcome Alan Varley as our new Honorary Treasurer;  Alan is a very long-standing member, following the sad death in February 2009 of the redoubtable Iris Poole.  David and Iris had between them a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the workings of the Society which will be sorely missed.
 We are still consulted by the Borough Council and the Sentinel on many issues concerning the Borough and quite recently we were consulted on the proposed refurbishment of the Grade II listed Lancaster Building.  Despite the credit crunch it is the considered opinion that this could well kick start the local economy.
I consider these contacts to be very important because yet again they draw attention to the Society.  Indeed, without being ‘big headed’ (but with tongue in cheek), people have suggested that if one wants to know my whereabouts, then the best place to check is with the Sentinel.  Publicity in whatever form can only be good.
On a more serious note, we send our best wishes to Bernard and Kath Billington, and Philip Hancock following their recent illnesses.
As I have mentioned many times in the past, my position as Chairman is made much easier by the tremendous help and assistance I receive from the members, for which I am very grateful.