Time has certainly flown since we produced the last edition of this Newsletter, and your editors have been burning the midnight oil (mine comes in bottles marked Scotch Whisky, for some reason) to get this issue ready for the printers.
Sadly we have to report the death of two of our much loved members, Iris Poole and John Prendergast.  The size of the congregation at Iris’s funeral service gave an indication of the respect in which she was held in and around Newcastle. John had only been with us a relatively short time but was a keen and very active member.  They will both be greatly missed.   Obituaries can be found elsewhere in this Newsletter.
Many people complain about the dirty condition of our streets and footpaths, but you should not be too quick to attribute blame on the council.  Most Friday mornings I walk through the centre of Newcastle at about a quarter to seven (no, I’m not returning from an illicit night out on the tiles) and at that time there is a scene of great activity sweeping and cleaning the area.  The blame for a  dirty environment must surely be laid on those ignorant and uncivilised members of our community who throw their waste about instead of placing it in one of the many receptacles provided.
For the previous issue of this magazine we increased the print run so that more copies could be left in the local libraries, museum etc.  We hope that everyone interested in what is going on in Newcastle has a chance to see a copy.  We also hope that some of you will find time to write to us about what concerns you and how you would like to see Newcastle develop.