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On Saturday 17th January members of the Fingerprint Society were in Newcastle to visit the home and grave of Dr Henry Faulds in Wolstanton and tour the Dr Henry Faulds Forensic Science Laboratory at Keele University. Dr Henry Faulds (1843 – 1930) was a medical missionary and pioneer in the science of fingerprint identification. He lived at 1, James Street, Wolstanton from 1922 to 1930.

The plaque to commemorate the marriage (29th January 1839)  of Charles Darwin to Emma Wedgwood has been handed over to “The Darwin Committee” for installation and unveiling in St Peter’s Church, Maer on 29th January 2009.  The plaque also commemorates the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.

We are currently considering commissioning plaques to mark the lives and works of Fanny Deakin (Kinsey Street, Silverdale) and Thomas Mayer (Queen Street, Newcastle).

Fanny Deakin was very active in local politics first as a Labour  Councillor and then as a Communist. She fought hard for better maternity care and to improve the welfare of babies and young children. In 1947 she achieved what most people remember her for when a maternity home was opened bearing her name for use by women in the Borough. To find out more visit the Newcastle Borough Council Website at http://www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk/leisure_content.asp?id=SX7EE1-A7808455&cat=1341

Thomas Mayer opened what is considered to be the country’s first veterinary surgery in Queen Street, Newcastle in 1812. He and his son led the campaign for the Royal Charter of the Veterinary Profession that was granted in 1844. The Mayer family played a major part in developing the role and professionalism of veterinary surgeons through improving standards of training and practice and the development of veterinary morals and ethics.