Historic Buildings Plaque

Historic Buildings Plaque

In the 1970s, Civic  Society members wanted to identify and celebrate some of the buildings of historic or architectural merit remaining in the Borough and mark them with small plaques. These plaques were designed and made by Phillip Gibson a 1973 student at Newcastle School of Art. The plaques were cast and fired in a stoneware ceramic body and decorated in blue slip. The design shows a castle in a pool, symbolic of Newcastle and taken from the Borough’s coat of arms.

The 23 plaques were fixed by Newcastle Round Table members in April 1975 to these buildings –
13 Ironmarket ; 31 Ironmarket ; 22 High Street ; 28a High Street 

7 High Street ; 56a High Street ; 71 High Street ; 75 High Street 

85 High Street ; 93 High Street ; 65 Lower Street ; 50 Merrial Street

The Barracks ; 2 Nelson Place ; 6 Queen Street ; 10 Queen Street

Brampton Lodge ; 12 King Street ; 16 King Street ;  27 Marsh Parade

Clayton Hall School ; Orme Youth Centre ; Knutton Road School 

At the time of writing all these plaques are still in-situ but some are hard to find due to their positions on the buildings’ fascias. How many can you find ?